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Charlies-Angel-Centre seeks to provide counselling services as quickly as possible. Therefore we have developed a free service to make this possible.


We know just how difficult it can be even setting foot out of your door when you are trying to keep going following the death of your child. This is why we want to give you every opportunity to access the right support for you. 


We except referrals from support agencies and also self-referral.

We provide face-face counselling, telephone or zoom.

To apply for counselling you will be asked to complete a referral form which will be treated in the strictest of confidence. Your application will then be reviewed and we will then assign a bereavement counsellor to you.


If you are having face-face counselling at the bereavement centre we make a convenient time and date for you to attend your sessions.


Telephone and zoom sessions

We will make a convenient date and time for your counsellor to contact you, if via zoom we will send you a weekly link and log in.


When undertaking any kind of counselling it is a commitment and we want everyone to get the most out of their sessions, before filling in a referral form please consider the following.

Missing sessions 

As there are so many families in need of support we have had to make a decision that if you miss 3 counselling sessions without contacting the charity or your counsellor then your sessions will be withdrawn and offered to another family. We hope that this will never have to happen but we have to have this clause in place to ensure the support we offer can reach as many families as possible.

Cancellation policy 

We know that things happen in life and you may have to cancel and rearrange and that's ok.If you need to cancel a session you need to give 24 hours notice where possible.

We are very happy to have qualified bereavement counsellors working alongside us in Leeds and helping us provide a service that is so desperately needed, we also work alongside student counsellors who need to complete 100 hours to qualify.


When submitting a form for bereavement counselling, please consider the commitment this takes and if you are ready for counselling, if you are not sure, you can discuss this with us, we are here to help